SmartPlus App

The market's most comprehensive
video intercom app

Compatible with Akuvox's cloud intercom service and smart products, the SmartPlus App empowers residents to remotely manage visitor access, monitor entrances, and issue virtual keys through their smartphones.

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The SmartPlus app by Akuvox is user-friendly, available on both iPhone and Android. Additionally, users can access their video intercom configuration seamlessly from any computer, extending beyond a typical mobile app.

Logging Video Intercom Activities

Smartplus features a tab that stores comprehensive records of video intercom activities. This includes access control details, user entry logs with timestamps, call history, event picture records, and, when activated, logs of detected movements by the external plate.

akuvox smartplus dashboard on smartphone
Akuvox SmartPlus Touchless Entry Example Illustration

Smart Unlocking Options

Enjoy a variety of opening modes, including a radio frequency keychain. Effortlessly unlock doors through Bluetooth gestures, hands-free proximity, NFC, device-as-ID, or facial recognition, complemented by external plates.

Flexible Temporary Access

Use the app to share temporary keys for one-time access, ideal for maintenance multi-residential or private homes. Set customizable entry periods and limits based on dates or usage frequency.

akuvox smartplus activity log

Video Resources

SmartPlus Activation Tutorial
SmartPlus User Tutorial​

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