Linking individuals & environments through technology


With over 30 years' industry experience, our tech-driven business excels in sales, training, and market development. We specialize in CCTV, alarms, communication systems, access control, IP networks, VoIP, and A/V. Proudly serving on the boards of MBFAA & NYLVCA.


Founded on growth principles, we prioritize education, offering services: training, consulting, project management, and technical support, fostering success for manufacturers, installers, and stakeholders.


At the forefront of industry advancement, our business, a national sales partner for Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply, forges strong bonds with manufacturers, aligning strategic sourcing with market needs.

Manufacturer's Consulting

Product & Business Development

Technical Services



Our experts specialize in real estate and building management across commercial, residential, and government sectors, crafting tailored business plans to enhance sales and market presence.

Exclusive Hands-On
Training Sessions

Technical training sessions for installers/dealers and their technicians on various subjects including wiring and relays, IP Networking for video, intercoms & access control.

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