Akuvox Property Management Portal

The Akuvox SmartPlus Advantage

Akuvox Property Management Portal is a cloud-based property management platform facilitating integrated management of community residents, devices, access control, and remote maintenance for property managers.

Akuvox property management portal dashboard on laptop screen

Property managers using
this platform will be able to:

  • Assign office staff and personnel to their corresponding office and department, and check device MAC, online status, and device relation with the staff and personnel.
  • Modify the general device setting in terms of device name, relay setting and door unlock, etc.
  • Set up multiple types of door access via PIN code and RF card for different purposes and roles and create their corresponding door access control schedule.
  • Assign the residents to their corresponding buildings and apartments, and check device MAC, online status, and the device relation with residents.

And much more!

Video Resources

Overview of Akuvox Management Portal
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