Intercom System for Homes

Single Tenant
Private Homes & Single Offices

Why choose Akuvox for a private home over Ring or Nest?

  1. Akuvox has the ability to open the door right from the app, the competitors do not.
  2. Akuvox has dedicated screens in the event of an internet outage, the competition doesn’t.
  3. The indoor monitor stations may be used as an intercom to communicate from room to room with open voice (no need to ring in first).
  4. Some Akuvox screens can integrate with third party apps as well as third party camera integration.

System Overview

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Akuvox for Single Tenant


  • We will connect you to a certified Akuvox installer in your area.
  • If you already work with a security integrator or isntaller, please have them reach out to us for certification and pricing.

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