Akuvox SR01

Security Relay

The Akuvox SR01 is an affordable security relay made to enhance doors and more

The Akuvox SR01, a small accessory enhancing door security, works seamlessly with Akuvox door phones. It ensures doors stay securely locked, even if the door phone is dismounted or vandalized. With a design to fit most standard installation boxes and flexible wiring options, it offers convenient and effective door control solutions.

Akuvox SR01

Key Features


  • Additional layer of door/access control security
  • Prevents door strikes/electric locks unlocking via 12v battery
  • Exclusively for use with Akuvox door intercom devices
  • Compatible with Akuvox devices: A02, R20, R28, R29, X915, X912, E16
  • 1 input RS485

Compatible Environments

Private Homes
Office Buildings
Commercial Spaces

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