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Akuvox Indoor Monitors

Akuvox offers an extremely robust line of indoor monitors for an amazing resident and guest experience. Akuvox indoor monitors are very customizable and can be used and an open end communication intercom between rooms as well. View some of our indoor monitors below.

For a quote please call us at: (877) 7-Akuvox

Akuvox S567

Akuvox S567

Akuvox S567 10'' indoor monitor runs on the industry-leading Android 12 OS, and is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 communication technology. The dual mics and quad speakers together provides superior audio quality. 

Akuvox S560 IP Phone

Akuvox S560

Akuvox S560 is a stylish and cost-effective SIP phone designed for users seeking an efficient solution to complement the Akuvox intercom system and can be managed through both the Akuvox Cloud platform and the convenient Smart Plus mobile application. 

Akuvox C319 Indoor Monito

Akuvox C319

Akuvox C319 is a 10” Android indoor monitor with smart intercom features for people of all ages, an intuitive UI that even kids learn to use quickly, the capability of integrating telecare pendants for older individuals, and a built-in voice assistant for young people.

Akuvox C313W-2

Akuvox C313W-2

The Akuvox C313W-2 multifunctional communicator, with a Linux operating system, provides audio and video communication with door phones via SIP 2.0 protocol.

Akuvox S563 Indoor Monitor

Akuvox S563

Akuvox S563 is an 8-inch SIP indoor monitor that runs on the Android 12 operating system. It features an exceptional speaker and a high-resolution touchscreen display. ensuring an unparalleled audio-visual intercom experience.

Akuvox IT88

Akuvox IT88

Beautifully designed, with smart home integration and a high performing CPU, the Akuvox IT88 10" indoor monitor is perfect for luxury homes, apartments, and offices. 

Akuvox C317 Indoor Monitor

Akuvox C317

Akuvox C317 is a 10" Android indoor monitor which works seamlessly with a tele-care pendant. It is typically used in the elderly’s apartments and in mid- to high-end residences.


Akuvox C313

Akuvox C313 is a 7" indoor monitor. Its slim body fits into limited space and offers a fat stack of features. It is typically used in apartments.

Akuvox S562 Indoor Monitor

Akuvox S562

Akuvox S562 is a 7" Linux indoor monitor featuring a stack of smart intercom features. With a compact body and stylish design, it is perfect for limited space and blends well into modern homes.

akuvox x933

Akuvox X933

The first product of Akuvox’s X series indoor monitor, Akuvox X933 strikes a perfect balance between fashion and technology.

Akuvox C315 Indoor Monitor

Akuvox C315

Akuvox C315 is a 7” Android indoor monitor. With a compact body, it fits into limited space and offers a fat stack of features. It is typically used in apartments.

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