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akuvox e18

Akuvox E18

Perfect choice for Access Control

Akuvox’s E18C is a safe and convenient commercial-grade device for both intercom & access control. With the latest deep learning algorithm and dual cameras liveness detection technology, E18C can be deployed in the field for community and commercial applications, for the implementation of smart access control.

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Akuvox E18
  • Visible light facial recognition;

  • Dual cameras with anti-spoofing algorithm against photo and video attack;

  • 20,000 face capacity & 20,000 card capacity;

  • Face recognition duration less than 0.2s/user, face recognition accuracy rate greater than 99.5%;

  • Allows both audio and video communication to an IP phone, mobile client, or soft phone;

  • Multiple verification methods including: face, PIN, cards NFC, BLE and QR codes;

  • Stand-aloneoperation;

  • Configuration via web browser

E18 C Data Sheet

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