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Akuvox Open A Smart World


The Leader In Smart Intercom

A stylish design with cutting edge technology that is more robust than most multi-tenant intercoms on the market today. We have, and continue to work hand-in-hand with Akuvox's development team to bring the best smart intercom experience on the market, for intelligent building communication video & access.

  • Convenient APP Based Features: Akuvox SmartPlus allows tenants to see and talk to visitors, open doors, monitor building entrances & issue virtual keys from their smartphones. This simplifies property access management for building management and owners. Cutting-edge smart intercoms, an easy-to-use mobile APP, and a powerful cloud based management portal are all designed to deliver an unparalleled building experience.

  • Complete Communication System: Akuvox intercoms integrate easily with most SIP based systems. This is great for applications such as third party remote guard or concierge services for an even better experience.

  • Third Party Access Control Integration: Most Akuvox door panels and access control units integrate with third party access control using RS485, Wiegand and soon to be OSDP. 

  • Package Room Solutions: As a result of the extreme, and ongoing increase in online shopping, Akuvox provides a solution to package theft & added security for package rooms. 

  • More Robust than ButterflyMX: We work directly with certified installers which ensures proper installation & performance. Akuvox has indoor monitors that can be utilized inside apartments where required by law. Akuvox's line of access control allows a much better experience than having to create integrations for tenant information & credentials. In addition, Akuvox has a wider selection of intercom panels, making it suitable for ALL properties, large or small.

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