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About Global Visions, Inc

Global Visions's expertise is anchored in real life experience.

Abraham Lieberman, Global Visions founder and CEO, is a Tech enthusiast and professional who specialized in sales, training and market development and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. His areas of expertise include, but are not limited to CCTV, alarm and communication systems, access control, IP networks, VoIP and A/V. Abraham is also on the board of directors for MBFAA & NYLVCA.

From installation to distribution, Abraham has a broad set of skills and exhaustive knowledge of current products and technologies honed through direct involvement with all aspects and actors of the low voltage industry.

For installers and integrators, he is dedicated to finding the most appropriate solution, up to the finest details of the situation.

As a national sales manager for Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply, Abraham has trained and supervised a team of over 30 sales representatives in over 8 locations. He is also responsible for sourcing the most efficient and profitable technologies, products and brands. Through this experience, Abraham has developed very close relationships with countless manufacturers, integrators and installers. Abraham has assisted these manufacturers in their product and software development as well as implemented the changes needed in existing products to ensure that their product is successful.

In addition, Abraham has also been developing his own training programs to help the growth of the industry through education, as it is key to the development and success of all involved parties, from manufacturers to installers.

At the start and heart of it, it is a passion about new technologies and helping people accomplish their goals that made Abraham choose this career.

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