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Akuvox Video Door Phones

Akuvox offers an extremely robust line of ip intercoms and video door phones for an amazing resident and guest experience. Some of the features include facial recognition, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, and more. View some of our video door phones below.

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Akuvox S539

Akuvox S539

Akuvox S539 video door phone, featuring a terraced surface, a multi-functional camera module, and over 15 access control methods, is innovatively built in with an avatar. More convenient, more secure, and more interactive. The Metaverse-Intercom era is coming with S539.

Akuvox X912

Akuvox X912

Akuvox's Video Doorphone X912S enables you to easily monitor an entrance door or gate and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your facility is more secure.

Akuvox R27 Video Door Phone IP Intercom

Akuvox R27A

Akuvox R27 is a SIP video door phone with a numeric keypad. It is typically used in apartment buildings or multi-residential homes.

Akuvox R20A Door Phone IP Intercom

Akuvox R20A

Almost the size of an iPhone XR, Akuvox R20A is a SIP video door phone specially designed for narrow spaces. Great for Multi-Residential & Private Homes.

Akuvox E16 Facial Recognition Door Phone

Akuvox E16

E16 is a budget-friendly face recognition door phone, which offers excellent intercom communication and flexible access control methods like AI-powered face recognition and mobile app. It is typically used in commercial and residential applications.

Akuvox X916 IP Intercom

Akuvox X916

Akuvox X916 SIP video door phone is one of the most powerful models in the industry, which incorporates the latest technologies including starlight camera, HDR, Android 9.0, LTE and facial recognition. It is typically used in high-end apartment buildings and office buildings.

Akuvox R29 IP Intercom Video Door Phone

Akuvox R29 & R29C

Akuvox R29 is a SIP video doorphone with a 7” touch screen, which performs AI-powered offline facial recognition for door access. It is typically used in apartment buildings, high-rise office buildings and building complexes.


Akuvox R20K

Space-saving and highly compatible, Akuvox R20K is a compact SIP video door phone with a numeric keypad. It is typically used in apartment and office buildings as well as multi-residential homes.


Akuvox R20B

Available in 2 to 5 buttons.

Certified for outdoor usage and easy to install, Akuvox R20B is a compact SIP video door phone with up to 5 call buttons. It is typically used in villas, houses and apartment buildings.

Akuvox E12 Video Door Bell

Akuvox E12

E12 is a single-button SIP video door phone for all types of front doors, be it houses, apartments, or condos. Despite a slim body, it boasts many cutting-edge features, such as mobile access and wireless communication.


Akuvox X915

Targeted at the luxury market with a high-end design, Akuvox X915 Smart Android Door Phone combines style, the latest technologies, and built-to-last materials.

Akuvox r28 IP Intercom Door Phone

Akuvox R28 & R28A

Akuvox R28 is a SIP video door phone with a numeric keypad. It is typically used in apartment buildings or multi-residential homes.


Akuvox R20A-2

2-wire video intercom systems remain demanded as long as there are so many houses left with old wiring in the walls, which is indeed problematic to replace.

Akuvox E18

Akuvox E18

With the latest deep learning algorithm and dual cameras liveness detection technology, E18C can be deployed in the field for community and commercial applications, for the implementation of smart access control.

Akuvox e20s

Akuvox E20S

E20S is a compact SIP emergency intercom that is made with 316-grade stainless steel. It is designed for indoor use and is compatible with 1299 and 86 type single in-wall boxes.

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